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Fiesta by Tango allows you to make friends from all over the world, allowing you to identify favorite people, follow them and share content such as photos and videos with users.

You can chat with users one-on-one, and if you wish, you can also find the opportunity to chat with more than one person in chat rooms. Zoosk, which gets information about the friend profiles you like thanks to its algorithm, becomes a more effective platform in finding the most suitable people for you over time. Happn, which displays the profiles of people you meet in your social life on your home page and shows you when you last met, has different features than many dating apps. You can like users secretly without their knowledge, and learn mutually when there is a mutual appreciation.

With millions of users worldwide and 1 million users in our country, Waplog allows unlimited messaging, unlimited photo upload and sharing with users. You can also browse user profiles and leave comments on photos.

Badoo allows you to view nearby users and all other users you come across by chance, allowing you to instantly access information about these people. With this free application, you can meet new people by playing games through the application. You can add your favorite users to your friend list and view those who are interested in your profile. It is also possible to define who can send you a message.

Offering opportunities such as chat, photo and video sharing with users, MeetMe allows you to see and communicate with users around. HOOTT, which allows you to share images and locations with instant messaging, allows you to play games and chat with users, helps you identify the users around you. You can download the application for free. As both a messaging and social networking application, Tango is one of the most common mobile applications with over a million users. You can instantly communicate with users by voice or video, and if you wish, you can open the conversation to a group of friends.

Mico, which allows you to reach users from all over the world at any time and provides unlimited space for video, photo and audio recording, also offers the opportunity to learn this language from people with different native languages ​​with its language learning tool.

An application has created the foreign dating sites you encounter while on the same road or going to school.

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